Six Things to Consider In Your Office to Improve

With the first quarter of the year comes the time to implement changes that allow your company to continue growing. Colliers International, a leading global real estate business, proposes 6 points to consider for your office throughout this year. Do you want to know what they are? Here we give you a little review to know what we should pay attention to this year: 1. […]

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Electric Car: How Do I Adapt It Inside My Garage?

If you are thinking of renewing your car with almost certain security, make sure that the electric car is among your options. In addition to the obvious environmental component of driving a car with zero emissions, the purchase of an electric car is encouraged by direct aids and with freedom of movement and parking in cities. The supply is increasing, electricity is cheaper than gasoline and the […]

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How to Heat a Very Cold House

Little by little, winter is approaching, temperatures are getting lower and our houses are losing temperature. As a result, we begin to need the heating to be on for more hours and, therefore, gas, diesel and electricity bills rise steadily. Carpets Normally, those who consider acquiring a rug will base their choice on the beauty, material or form of knotting. […]

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